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IC 205-2023: Sideline Decisions Every Team Physician makes on Gameday
Course Information
This course includes the recording of a live Instructional Course from the 2023 AOSSM Annual Meeting which took place in Washington, DC.

IC 205

Sideline Decisions Every Team Physician Makes on Gameday: What Can We Do and Not Do to Keep the Athlete in the Game in 2023! An Ever-Changing Controversial Landscape We All Practice In. These Are the Facts!


Course Description:

The purpose and goals of this ICL are to highlight and review those things one sees/confidently manages on gameday to keep the athlete in the game with MSK injury. We will discuss the common and uncommon things one must manage at time zero to allow the athlete to safely return to play. This will include upper and lower extremity injuries we manage immediately after the injury. We will discuss decision making on who to MRI and maybe who we do not. Review those injuries that we may safely return to athlete to play knowing surgery may surely happen at the "end of the season”.  This will be a case based ICL showing exactly how we manage these "controversial" topics and either allow the athlete to participate or they are out. These topics remain controversial and ever changing in our profession and impossible to find in a textbook or on the web. We will also highlight how the role and confidence and trust of the team physician by the injured athlete is an integral part of the shared decision making between athlete and team physician. After completion of this ICL the gameday coverage by YOU will enable one to manage safely and confidently these "in game injuries" and allow the athlete to return to participation as soon as possible. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Cased based discussion of the common UE injuries we see on gameday. How do we manage them immediately and potentially return that athlete to play on gameday.
  • Cased based discussion of the common LE injuries we see on gameday. How do we manage them immediately and potentially return that athlete to play on gameday.
  • What studies or tools do we have and should use at time zero after injury to enable shared decision making and safely return the athlete to participation, X-ray, MRI, ultrasound.
  • The role of the team physician (confidence, trust, authentic) and gathering all information along with the ATC and the details that go into the shared decision making with the athlete about participation safely or not.
  • One can confidently after completion of this ICL make decisions on gameday and fill confident about their decision in allowing an athlete to participate with the most common injuries we see daily.



Darren L. Johnson, MD

Annuziato Amendola, MD

Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD

Peter A. Indelicato, MD

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Expires on 09/30/2026
Cost: Member: $20.00
Non-Member: $30.00
Credit Offered:
1.5 CME Credits
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