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IC303-2020: Meniscus Management Algorithm - When to Debride, Repair or Transplant: A Case Based Approach
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Meniscus Management Algorithm - When to Debride, Repair or Transplant: A Case Based Approach

Scott A. Rodeo MD; Jorge Chahla MD, PhD; Scott C. Faucett MD; Andrew T. Pennock, MD


Course Description:

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the treatment algorithm for various types of meniscus pathology. We will discuss the important factors that should be considered in the decision for debridement versus repair, and then focus on specific tear patterns and indications and techniques for repair, including emerging concepts for repair of meniscal ramp lesions, meniscus root tears, radial tears, and horizontal cleavage tears.  Important concepts and principles for post-operative rehabilitation will be discussed. We will also cover current indications and techniques for meniscus replacement, using allograft tissue as well as synthetic materials that are currently available (or undergoing FDA evaluation. Finally, we will discuss current techniques and data for 'biologic augmentation' approaches to improve meniscus healing.


Course Objectives:

  • To understand the indications for meniscus repair, the different available techniques and when to perform a debridement. We will also discuss combining meniscus management with concomitant cartilage repair and ligament reconstruction.
  • To discuss indications and techniques for repair of root, radial, and ramp lesions. Cases will be presented to illustrate treatment approaches for each case.
  • To provide the latest information on the status of meniscus allograft and synthetic scaffold materials available for meniscus replacement. Indications and rehabilitation will be discussed, and illustrative cases presented.
  • To critically review current techniques for biologic augmentation of meniscus repair. We will also discuss rehabilitation and return to sports after each procedure as part of the case presentations.
  • Scott A. Rodeo MD
  • Jorge Chahla MD, PhD
  • Scott C. Faucett MD, MS
  • Andrew T. Pennock MD
Availability: Retired
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Non-Member: $30.00
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