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IC206-2020: Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries: 2020 Treatment Strategies
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Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries: 2020 Treatment Strategies

Brandon J. Erickson MD; Christopher S. Ahmad MD; Peter N. Chalmers MD; Michael G. Ciccotti MD; Gregory L. Cvetanovich MD; Joshua S. Dines MD; Jeffrey R. Dugas MD; Salvatore J. Frangiamore MD; Anthony A. Romeo MD; Mark S. Schickendantz MD;


Course Description:

Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries of the elbow are on the rise in overhead athletes of all levels of play. Many of these injuries can be managed non-operatively with rest and a return to throwing program with or without the addition of a biologic to aid in ligament healing. However, a subset necessitates surgical intervention. Surgical techniques have continued to evolve over the past several years and now include a primary UCL repair with internal brace, modified docking technique with added graft strands, and others. Furthermore, as more primary UCL repairs and reconstructions are performed, the number of revision UCL reconstructions has risen proportionally. The purpose of this IC is to review the most up to date strategies for treatment of UCL injuries including the use of biologics, UCL repair, primary UCL reconstruction, and revision UCL reconstruction. The panel will review several complete cases and will work through each case from diagnosis to management to return to play. The faculty will provide pearls based on their experience in dealing with these difficult cases. 


Course Objectives:

  • Understand how to diagnose ulnar collateral ligament injuries with history, physical exam, and imaging
  • Understand what imaging modalities are most useful, and how the experts are utilizing new imaging modalities (stress ultrasound) in their practice to aid in diagnosis, prognosis, etc
  • Understand the most up-to-date non-operative management surrounding UCL injuries including the use of biologics
  • Learn tips and tricks for successful UCL reconstruction and UCL repair, what the evidence regarding surgical technique and graft choice, and understand the return to play process
  • Understand the challenges surrounding revision ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction including tunnel placement, revision graft choice, management of the ulnar nerve, and rehabilitation/return to sport.
  • Brandon J. Erickson MD
  • Christopher S. Ahmad MD
  • Peter N. Chalmers Md
  • Michael G, Ciccotti MD
  • Gregory L. Cvetanovich MD
  • Joshua S. Dines MD
  • Jeffrey R. Dugas MD
  • Salvatore J. Frangiamore MD
  • Mark S. Schickendantz MD
  • Anthony A. Romeo MD
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1.5 CME Credits
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