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IC 102-2023: Common Shoulder Problems in Overhead Athletes: Surgeon Beware- This Isn’t Always So Straight Forward An Interactive, Round Table, Case-Based, Problem Solving Session
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This course includes the recording of a live Instructional Course from the 2023 AOSSM Annual Meeting which took place in Washington, DC.

IC 102

Title: Common Shoulder Problems in Overhead Athletes:  Surgeon Beware- This Isn’t Always So Straight Forward an Interactive, Round Table, Case-Based, Problem-Solving Session  



Course Description:

This ICL round table will be an interactive session, which is case based and dealing with 3 shoulder problems we all encounter with overhead sporting activities. These common pathologies however can have subtle differences making the diagnosis more difficult and treatment approach not so straightforward. A distinguished faculty member will be at each table leading group discussions about the case and then discussion with all tables will take place. Faculty members will rotate tables after each case.

  1. SLAP (superior labral anterior posterior) tear in a thrower
  2. ALPSA (anterior labral periosteal sleeve avulsion) lesion in a football player
  3. HAGL (humeral avulsion glenohumeral ligament) in a hockey player

Learning Objectives:


  • The participant will learn the scope of treating SLAP lesions from non-operative treatments to surgical options and techniques in the baseball athlete.
  • The participant will learn both non-operative and surgical treatments of the challenging, athletic, glenohumeral instability patient with timeline decision considerations as well as approaching an ALPSA lesion versus a straight Bankart tear.
  • The participant will learn the scope of treatment options for a HAGL or RHAGL lesion with personal experiences which support the different treatment options and techniques.




Michael T. Freehill, MD

Asheesh Bedi, MD

James P. Bradley, MD

Jacob G. Calcei, MD

W. Ben Kibler, MD

Albert Lin, MD

Kenneth Lin, MD

George A. Paletta Jr., MD

Felix H. Savoie III, MD

John M. Tokish, MD



Availability: On-Demand
Expires on 09/30/2026
Cost: Member: $20.00
Non-Member: $30.00
Credit Offered:
1.5 CME Credits
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