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IC 303-2022: Team Physician Update: It’s Not a Knee or a Shoulder Injury, Am I Doing it Right?

IC 303  

Title: Team Physician Update: It’s Not a Knee or a Shoulder Injury, Am I Doing it Right?  


Course Description:

Traditional Instructional Course Team Physician Most orthopedic team physicians can expertly manage common knee and shoulder injuries, like MCL sprains, ACL tears and shoulder instability. However, many sports surgeons are less comfortable with the sideline and definitive management of foot & ankle, hip, hand, and spine injuries. In many settings, the appropriate subspecialty care is either not available or unfamiliar with treating high-level athletes and it is therefore the team physician’s responsibility to definitively manage or at least guide the care of these athletes.  The goal of this course is to provide the team physician with a concise update on current concepts and trends regarding the management of foot & ankle, hip, hand, and spine injuries in high-level athletes. This course will explore many evolving and controversial topics including acute surgical stabilization of high ankle sprains, the relationship between hip pathology and core muscle injuries, definitive management of scapholunate ligament injuries and role of cervical fusion vs. disc replacement in the competitive athletes. The presenters will use a combination of evidence-based medicine and clinical cases to provide attendees with an algorithmic approach to managing these controversial injuries. Audience participation will be a critical element of the session and ample time will be left for case presentations, questions, and discussion.              


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the management of high ankle sprains, Lisfranc & turf toe injuries and 5th metatarsal fractures including exam findings, imaging, and indications for surgical stabilization.
  • Discuss incorporation of performance data into RTP decision making.
  • Discuss the use of intra-articular hip injections in the work up and management of groin pain.
  • Clarify indications and timing of hip arthroscopy and provide return to play guidelines.         
  • Review the relationship between hip pathology and core muscles injuries and the evolving treatment options. Which one should I fix? When should I fix both?
  • Review the current trends in sideline and definitive management of hand & wrist injuries including metacarpal, phalanx and scaphoid fractures, scapholunate ligament injuries and thumb UCL injuries. When is it safe to return to play?            
  • Review the current controversies related to cervical & lumbar spine injuries in athletes. When can a player return after an ACDF? Is there a role for disc replacement? Treatment options for stress fractures and disc herniations in the lumbar spine.          



Gautam P. Yagnik, MD  

Andrew B. Dossett, MD

Craig S. Mauro, MD       

Steven S. Shin, MD, MMSc          

Norman Waldrop, MD  
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1.5 CME Credits
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