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2021 AOSSM-AANA Combined Annual Meeting Recordings
Revisit presentations from the 2021 AOSSM-AANA Combined Annual Meeting in Nashville at your convenience! You will receive online access to presentations (slides and audio; video where available).

Recordings contain general and concurrent sessions including all three Game Changer sessions and the AOSSM Presidential Address by Michael G. Ciccotti, MD.

Please note, this online on-demand offering does not include CME.
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Basic Science and Implementation for Sports Medicine Injuries and Surgery
Introduction and Welcome
Essentials of the Successful Manuscript.
ICRS Scores Worsen Between 2-and 5-year Follow-up after Medial Meniscus Root Repair: An MRI Analysis
Predictive factor for failure of conservative management in the treatment of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
Chondrogenesis with Stem Cells in Massive Chondral Defects: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mechano-Activated Drug Delivery of Growth Factors as a Novel Platform for Enhancing Cartilage Regeneration
VTE Prophylaxis and Hormonal Contraceptive Use During the Perioperative Period for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Survey of the AANA Membership
Congressional Updates That Will Affect You: Surprise Billing, Pre-Certification and E&M
Failed Revision ACLR With Increased Tibial Slope: When to Perform a Slope Altering Proximal Tibial Osteotomy
Arthroscopic Assessment of Syndesmotic Instability: Are We Pulling Correctly in Coronal Plane?
Biomechanical Comparison of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction with and without Internal Bracing
My Rotator Cuff Anchor Won’t Hold
Arthroscopic-Assisted Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction: Clinical Outcomes and Return to Activity at Mean Six-Year Follow-up
Anterior Instability: Evidence-based Decision Making in 2021
Panel Discussion with Chief Medical Officers of the Major Professional Leagues. Topics will include: Concussion, Toradol/NSAODs/PEDs, Game Day Protocols, League Rule Changes, COVID-19
Clinical Outcomes of the Open Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis Technique with Implant-Free Fixation
AMSSM Exchange Lecture: Baseline Evaluation of Concussion
Perioperative Complications and Early Clinical Outcomes Following ACL Reconstruction with Soft Tissue Quadriceps Tendon Autograft in Adolescent Athletes
AOSSM Hall of Fame Award Presentations
Development of Mental Health Best Practices Model
Presentation of Leach Award
Presidential Address
My Graft is Too Long??
Progress in Diversity in Orthopaedics
How are knee and contact biomechanics during cutting affected by gender, foot type, and shoe cleat design in collegiate lacrosse athletes?
High-grade Acetabular Cartilage Lesions in Primary Hip Arthroscopy: A 472-patient Multicenter Cohort
Glenoid Bone Loss After First-Time Posterior Instability Events: A Prospective Cohort Study
How to Exam the Patellofemoral Joint
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Slope Osteotomy (demo on cadaver)
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Subscapularis Repair (cadaveric demo)
Sleep Science
Practical Utilization of Biologics in your Practice
Role of Age on Success of Arthroscopic Primary Repair of Proximal Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears
Injectables for OA
Presidential Introduction
Blood Flow Restriction (BFR): Sports Medicine / Orthopedic Applications and Evidence
2021 Research Project Announcement
How to Review a Delphi Consensus Statement
Investigating the Chronology of Meniscus Root Tears: Do Medial Meniscus Posterior Root Tears Cause Extrusion or the Other Way Around?
Treatment of partial-thickness rotator cuff repairs with a resorbable bioinductive bovine collagen implant: 1-year results from a prospective multi-center registry
The beneficial effect of intra-articular injection of losartan on the microfracture mediated cartilage repair is dose dependent
In-Vitro Analysis of Acute Interventions for Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
Risk of Patella Fracture in Proximal Quadriceps Tendon Versus Distal Patella Tendon Autograft Bone Blocks in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Biomechanical Study
Impatient to Outpatient: The Revolution is Here
Performing an Opening Wedge Osteotomy, I See a Hinge Fracture: What Now?
Talus Visualization in Ankle Fractures: How Much Are We Really Seeing?
Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries in Gymnasts and Javelin Throwers: An Analysis of Return to Sport and Patient Outcomes
I Cracked My Latarjet Graft
Progression to Glenohumeral Arthritis after Arthroscopic Posterior Stabilization in a Young and High Demand Population
Arthroscopic Bankart Repair for Primary versus Recurrent Instability in Athletes
Return to Play in Adolescent Baseball Players after SLAP Repair
ACSM Exchange Lecture: Sideline Management of Concussion
Biologic Augmentation with Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Robert E. Leach Award 2019 Recipient
Drug Policy Issues That Matter
I Blew Out the Back Wall
Mentorship - Advocacy for Each Other
Biobanking and High Dimensional Immunoprofiling of Synovium in Patients Undergoing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Midterm Outcomes Following Hip Labral Augmentation
Failure of Posterior Capsulolabral Repair is Correlated with Percent of Glenoid Bone Loss
Surgical Technique Spotlight: MPFL Reconstruction Made Simple (video)
Current Indications for Adding a LET to Your ACL (talk with video)
Subacromial Balloon Spacer versus Partial Repair for Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: A prospective, randomized, multi-center trial
Nutrition and Hydration
The Business of OrthoBiologics in Clinical Practice
Adolescent Pitcher Fatigue: Ulnar Collateral Ligament Stress, Flexor-Pronator Mass Energy Depletion, and Correlation to Pitch Count
PT and More What Works and What Doesn’t
Knee Bracing: Evidence and Utilization for Injury prevention, Treatment, and postsurgical management
Articular Cartilage
Writing and Evaluating Systematic Reviews in Sports Medicine Research
Surgical Outcomes after Bucket Handle Meniscus Repairs: Analysis of a Large, Contained Cohort Study
Full-Thickness Cuff Tears Treated with a Collagen Implant: 1-Year Results of the REBUILD Registry
Osteotomies About the Knee Can Safely Be Performed in an Ambulatory Surgical Center
Treatment of human bone marrow concentrate and bone marrow stem cells with senolytic agents
Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis Progression is Diminished by Early Mechanical Unloading in Mice.
Contracting 101: How to Maximize Reimbursement in the ASC Setting
17-Year-Old with Recurrent Lateral Patella Instability
Ankle Fracture Arthroscopy: Are WE Making A Difference
Management of Partial UCL Tears
I Can’t Find My Biceps
Survivorship and Patient-Reported Outcomes After Comprehensive Arthroscopic Management of Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis: Minimum 10-Year Follow-up
Minimum 2-Year Clinical Outcomes After Arthroscopic Treatment for Glenolabral Articular Disruption (GLAD) Lesions: A Matched Case-Control Study
My Evolution in Managing SLAP Lesions Over the Past 20 Years
AASPT Exchange Lecture: Rehabilitation After Concussion to Prevent Further Injury
Quadriceps Tendon Autograft has Lower MRI Signal than Hamstring Tendon Autograft in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions in Adolescent Athletes
Robert E. Leach Award 2021 Recipient
Mental Health First Aid Kit
My Osteotomy is Unstable
Advocacy for Athletes
A Multi-center Evaluation of 3D MRI for Glenoid and Humeral Bone Loss In Shoulder Instability
Circumferential and Segmental Labral Reconstruction; Management in the Primary Setting
Questions and Answers: Instability: It's Not Just the Anterior
Indications: Isolated MPFL: Is that all we Need?
Increased Posterior Tibial Slope is Associated with Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Graft Re-Rupture
Superior Capsular Reconstruction Versus Bridging Graft: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
Amniotic Tissue: Fact or Fiction
Activity Level and Sport Type in Adolescents Correlates with Development of Cam Morphology
Subchondroplasty: Phasing out or here to stay?
Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction / LET: Applications and Evidence. Where are we in 2021
Patellar Instability
Time to Achieving Clinically Significant Outcomes after Meniscal Allograft Transplantation
Relative Efficacy of Three of Nonsurgical Treatments for Calcific Tendinitis: Physical Therapy vs Steroid Injeciton vs Ultrasound-Guided Aspiration
Questions and Answers: Knee Cartilage
Treatment of Early Knee Osteoarthritis with Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Improves Pain and Function: Is this Good Enough?
Safety First: Patient Selection for Outpatient Arthroplasty
Valgus Deformity in a 32-Year-Old Male: Do I Correct on The Femur or Tibia?
Questions and Answers: Foot and Ankle
Questions and Answers: The Athlete's Elbow
Where’s the Subscap?
Operative Versus Non-Operative Treatment of Severely Shortened or Comminuted Clavicle Fractures in Older Adolescent Athletes: Results from A Prospective, Multicenter, Level 2 Cohort Study
Bankart Repair in Adolescents: Clinical and Radiographic Predictors of Revision Surgery
Questions and Answers I: The Thrower's Shoulder
Questions and Answers: Concussion and the Team Physician
Biomechanical analysis of ideal knee flexion angle for ACL graft tensioning utilizing multiple femoral and tibial tunnel locations
Innovation: The Triumph of Improbability
Role of the Sports Psychologist
I Misplaced my MPFL Tunnel
Implicit Bias and Its Implications on Minority Patients
Development of Immune-Directed Cartilage Bioprinting Platform
Minimum 2-Year Outcomes of All-Arthroscopic Capsular Autograft Labral Reconstruction
Lessons Learned in Posterior Instability
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Trocheoplasty (video)
Lateral extra-articular tenodesis reduces the rate of revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in elite athletes
Platelet Rich Plasma in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: Clinical and Radiological Results of a Prospective RCT Study at 10-year Follow-up
Motion Capture
The Use of Autogenous Tissue as OrthoBiologic Therapy: What Are the Options and Do they Really Work?
The Impact of COVID-Delayed Elective Sports Surgery on Young Patients
Is there a role for Arthroscopic Debridement?
Questions and Answers: Overview of New Innovations In Sports Medicine Care in the Knee and Biologic Treatments for Sports Medicine Pathology
Effusion, ROM and Muscle Inhibition
Superior Improvements in Knee Pain and Function with a Novel Synthetic Medial Meniscus Replacement Implant Compared to Non-surgical Care in Subjects with Knee Pain Following Partial Meniscectomy: Two-year Results from Two Prospective US Clin
Questions and Answers: Rotator Cuff
Case Panel Discussion: Controversies in Articular Cartilage Surgery
Surgical Technique and PRO for Arthroscopic Decompression of Symptomatic Baker’s Cysts
Responsible Pain Management in the Outpatient Setting
Questions and Answers: Osteotomy of the Knee: The ISAKOS Perspective
Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: Factors Predictive of Cartilage Integrity
Return to Play Rates Following Arthroscopic Treatment of Elbow Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesions in Adolescent Baseball Players
Suture Spaghetti
Questions and Answers: All Things Shoulder
Questions and Answers I: Anterior Shoulder Instability: Nuts to Bolts?
Effect of age, gender, and BMI on the incidence and satisfaction of a Popeye deformity following biceps tenotomy or tenodesis: outcomes of a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Case Volume as a Predictor of Graft Selection and Cost for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
The Intangible Price for Fame: The Athlete's Mental Health (Game Changer)
My Hamstring Graft Too Small
Are RTP and Graft Survivorship the Wrong Measures of Success in ACL Reconstruction?
Longitudinal Study of Youth Sports Participation: An evaluation of musculoskeletal injury rates, psycho-social development, and general physical health and development. A Pilot Study
Hip Corticosteroid/Anesthetic Injections—Are the reported rates of osteoarthritis progression and femoral head collapse real?
Arthroscopic Laterjet a Reality Check
Spontaneous Correction of External Tibiofemoral Rotational Deformity and Tibial Tuberosity-Trochlear Groove Measurements Occurs After Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction in Fixed or Obligatory Dislocators
Isolated ACL Reconstruction Versus Combined ACL And Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction: A Matched Case Series With Mean Follow Up of 9 Years
The Effects Of Superior Capsular Reconstruction On In Vivo Kinematics, Glenohumeral Motion, And Patient-Reported Outcomes
The Use of PRP in the Treatment of Acute Muscle Injury
Trans-articular versus Retro-articular Drilling of Stable Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Knee: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial by the ROCK Multicenter Study Group
Debate: 44-year-old Attorney Who Enjoys Hiking & Cycling, No Medial Joint Space - Osteotomy
3D Hip Computer Modeling with MRI and Intraoperative Guidance
Questions and Answers I: Sports Health Symposium
Questions and Answers: Session B: Meniscus
Top or Bottom: What Makes Sense for these Patches?
Revision Patellofemoral Surgery
Beyond the Day Job: Creating Exit Value in Orthopaedic Platforms
Outcomes of Bone Marrow Stimulation With and Without Extracellular Matrix Cartilage Allograft
Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesions of the Elbow Treated with Arthroscopy
AC Joint Fixation Failure
Decision Making in the Young Arthritic Patient
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Open Bankart Repair: The Lost Art (demo on cadaver)
Single versus Double Suture Anchor Configuration for Arthroscopic Onlay Biceps Tenodesis
Debate: The Soft Tissue ACL - Quad is the Future
Questions and Answers: The Intangible Price for Fame: The Athlete's Mental Health
Case Panel: My Worst Complications
Panel Discussion: Presented by The Forum: Advocacy in Orthopaedics-Not What You Think It Is?
Utilization of a 3D Printed Customized Knee Extender on Patient Outcomes Following ACL Injuries
Question and Answers: Hip Labrum Showdown
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Arthroscopic Bone Block (video)
MPFL Reconstruction in the Pediatric Population: Does Skeletal Maturity Matter?
Plain Radiography versus MRI in the Measurement of Tibial Slope: Can they be Used Interchangeably?
Questions and Answers: Massive Rotator Cuff
Questions and Answers: Role of Biologics in Sports Medicine
The Effect of Single Sport Specialization in Youth Sports: A Prospective Cohort Study
Debate: 44-year-old Attorney Who Enjoys Hiking & Cycling, No Medial Joint Space - Knee Arthroplasty: Age No Longer a Cut-off
Distal Tibial Allograft for Failed Shoulder Instability
Soft Tissue Healing Time
When to Fix and When to Punt: Medial Meniscus Root
Debate: Patch Augmentation – Save it for the Lab...
Panel Discussion and Q&A: The Outpatient Revolution in Orthopaedics
Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation with Micronized Allograft Cartilage Matrix Augmentation
Questions and Answers II: The Athlete's Elbow
Case Panel: My Worst Complications
Moderator: Panel Discussion: Treatment of Arthritis in the Young and Active Patient
Bone Loss: Contemporary Spectrum of Pathology
Pitch Count Variability by State and Implications of Rest Day Requirements on Seqason Long Gameday Workload in High School Baseball Pitchers
Debate: The Soft Tissue ACL - Hamstring Is Battle Tested
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 7
Smartphone-Based Kinematic Analysis for the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Physical Exam
What Do We Do with the Labrum: Enough is Enough, Just Fix It
Point/Counterpoint: Positioning for Instability Surgery – Welcome to the Future?
MPFL length change patterns in asymptomatic knees of patients with contralateral patellar instability
Diversity Lecture: The Handshake or Fist
Panel Discussion: During Surgical Technique Spotlight - Superior Capsule Reconstruction with Dermal Graft (video)
The Effect of Insurance Status on Pediatric Access to Care in Sports Medicine
Public Perceptions and Preferences Regarding the Use of Stem Cell Therapies in Orthopaedic Surgery
Questions and Answers: New Innovations in Sports Medicine Care in the Hip and Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery
Balance and Core
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Meniscus Root Repair (video)
Debate: Patch Augmentation - It Works and I Can Prove It
State of the Art OLT
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Arthroscopic OCD Repair (video demo)
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 8
Moderator: Panel Discussion: Treatment of Arthritis in the Young and Active Patient 8
Suture Button Fixation of Distal Tibial Allografts for Glenoid Bone Loss: A Preliminary Report
Questions and Answers II: The Thrower's Shoulder
Early Use of Blood Flow Restriction Training with Low-Intensity Exercises following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Improves Quadriceps Strength and Post-Operative Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Discussion: Playmaker Grant Lab
What Do We Do with the Labrum: Best of Both Worlds: Labral Augmentation
Point/Counterpoint: Lateral Position Not so Fast - Beach Chair
Sensitivity of Preoperative Imaging for Patellofemoral Instability
Questions and Answers: ACL Beyond the Ligament
Questions and Answers: pediatric Issues In Sports Medicine
What’s the Return to Sport after Knee Arthroplasty?
Panel Discussion: Reviewing Cases Pertinent to the Previous breakout sessions
Proprioception and Muscle Retraining
Point/Counterpoint: Con: Partial Meniscectomy - Let’s Be Realistic: Technology over Reason?
From the Bench to the Operating Room: Optimizing Rotator Cuff Healing in 2021
NATA Exchange Lecture: Chronic Ankle Instability: Neuromuscular Alterations and Considerations for Management
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 9
Glenoid “Pear Restoration” with the Traditional Latarjet versus Congruent Arc Modification: CT Assessment of Coracoid Morphology for Preoperative Planning
Biceps Tenodesis: High, Low, Tunnel, Inlay/Outlay - How Much Does It Matter?
Surgical Predictors of Clinical Outcome Six Years following Revision ACL Reconstruction
Panel Discussion with Q & A: Hip Labrum Showdown
Beach Chair Versus Lateral Decubitus Positioning for Primary Arthroscopic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization: A consecutive series of 641 shoulders
Questions and Answers: Patellofemoral Pain and Instability
Special Considerations for MPFL with Open Growth Plates
Questions and Answers: Osteoarthritis and the Aging Athlete
Questions and Answers II: Foot and Ankle
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 10
It’s More than Size that Matters: The Role of Glenoid Concavity in Shoulder Instability with Anterior Bone Loss
Workload Management in the Youth Athlete
Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament: How Many Stages
Best of Both Worlds: Labral Augmentation
MPFL/TTO and Return to Play Plan
ACL Reconstruction with the Patient with the Open Physis
Strength, Power, Endurance, and Symmetry Testing
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 11
Questions and Answers II: Anterior Shoulder Instability: Nuts to Bolts?
Mental Health and the Adolescent Athlete
Contact Sports: Who Should Not Play Noncontact Sports
Case Panel: My Worst Complications 12
Surgical Technique Spotlight: Open Latarjet - All My Tricks (demo on cadaver)
Update on Bridge Enhanced ACL Repair
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