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2018 Orthobiologics Surgical Skills Online
Access the entire course through recordings, including both the lecture and laboratory components. Faculty presentation slides and demonstrations are both captured in the series of 12 videos covering an agenda which featured:

  • Technologies Available in Orthobiologics
  • Orthobiologics Case Studies
  • Orthobiologics Lab Demonstrations
  • Ultrasound Lectures and Lab Demonstrations

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Ankle Ultrasound Demo
Elbow Ultrasound Demo
Hip Ultrasound Demo
Knee Ultrasound Demo
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Dragoo Lab Demo
Moorman Lab Demo
Oliver Lab Demo
1 - Intro by Brian Cole, MD, MBA
1 - Introduction
1 - Introduction
1 - Intro MSK Ultrasound Basics
2 - OrthoBiologics by Rachel M. Frank, MD
2 - Case presentation (Trials and Studies)
2 - PRP Techniques by Allan Mishra, MD
2 - US Principles and knobology by Douglas Hoffman, MD
3 - Regulations by Ken Vaslav, MD
3 - Poor and Rich PRP by Allan Mishra MD
3 - PRP Muscle Injection Techniques by Kristin S Oliver, MD
3 - Sonographic of MSK Structure by Douglas Hoffman, MD
4 - Inflamation and Healing Process by C. Thomas Vangsness Jr, MD
4 - PRP treatment for Recalcitrant Patellar Tendonitis by Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
4 - Bone Marrow Techniques (ASIS) by Brian J Cole, MD, MBA
4 - Approaches by Douglas Hoffman, MD
5 - Using OrthoBiologics by Brian Cole, MD, MBA
5 - PRP or PPP by Kristin S. Oliver, MD, MPH
5 - Bone Marrow Techniques (PSIS) by Kristin S Oliver, MD, MPH
5 - QA by Douglas Hoffman, MD
6 - Panel Questions
6 - Achilles Tendinopathy by Kamran S Hamid, MD, MPH
6 - Amniotic by Kevin D Plancher, MD, MPH
6 - Closing MSK Ultrasound Basics
7 - Augmentation of ACL Reconstruction and Bone Marrow Aspirate by Adam Anz, MD
7 - Adjunct to RCR and QA by Brian J Cole, MD, MBA
7 - BMA BMAC by Jack Farr, MD
8 - Development of OrthoBiologics for Select Orthopeadic Conditions by Gloria Mathews, DVM, PhD, DACVS
8 - Live Surgeon Session
9 - Platelet-Rich Plasma
9 - New techniques and controversies in Foot and Ankle
10 - Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) by Arnold I. Caplan, Phd
11 - Activated Adipose Derived Cell Transplantation in Sports Medicine by Claude T. Moorman III, MD
12 - Amniotic and Placenta Derived Products by Adam B. Yanke, MD, PhD
13 - OthroBiologics and Catrilage Repair by Rachel M. Frank, MD
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